Sunday, 17 June 2012

Installation of JavaCAPS 6.3 in Solaris Machine.


X11 should be enabled in Solaris Box.
Xming should be installed in local system.
JavaCAPS 6.3 release was built with JDK version 1.6.20, so install JDK 1.6 before installation.


Download JavaCAPS v6.3 "Oracle Java Composite Application Platform Suites (CAPS) version R6.3 for Solaris SPARC and x86 (32 and 64 bit)" 

Using Putty to connect with Solaris box with X11

The following Screen shows how to connect to Solaris box using X11:Note: Xming must be in running state in your local system.

Command to extract and install JavaCAPS63

To Unzip JavaCAPS63

Command: unzip
Outcome: It will create .tar file as JavaCAPS63.tar

To run .tar file

Command: tar –xvf JavaCAPS63.tar
Outcome: It will create all the folder which contains .bin fine (JCAPS installable file)

To change the mode for the .bin file

Command: chmod a+x JavaCAPS63.bin
Outcome: It will make the .bin file as executable file.

To run the execution

Command: ./JavaCAPS63.bin
Outcome: It will run the execution process.

Note: Run the above command in sequence as mentioned. If X11 is not enabled, we can’t get AWT features (Abstract Window Tool).

Steps for actual installation process
Please follow the below steps for the installation of JavaCAPS6.3:
Screen to show the Oracle JavaCAPS 6.3 installation initiated –

Screen to select the installation folder for JavaCAPS 6.3 –

Screen to select the installation set, Select ‘Complete’ –

Screen to set the Admin and Master Password – (Admin pwd: adminadmin and Master Pwd: changeit)

NOTE: JavaCAPS 6.3 no longer provides default administrator and master password. This means that the password file that was previously created during installation for the master password is no longer created.

Screen to show JMS IQ, no need to change any setting click on next –

Screen to show JavaCAPS Enterprise Manager, no need to modify anything, just click on next button –

Screen to show pre-installation summary –

Screen to show the installation progress –

Screen to show the Oracle JavaCAPS 6.3 installation is successfully installed –

Screen to show the Oracle JavaCAPS installation complete successfully and it is configured locally –

Screen to show the Oracle JavaCAPS 6.3 admin console –

Screen to show the Oracle JavaCAPS admin console –

You can now start using JavaCAPS v6.3.

Please mail me if you need any further information on the same.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Difference between an SOA Service and a Web Service.

The distinction between business services or SOA services versus a web service is not often articulated, and many equate the two as being the same. SOA services can be realized as web services, but not all web services are equal to SOA services. Web services represent the use of both a published standard and a set of technologies for invocation and interoperability. SOA services are services that fulfill a key step or activity of a business process and can be described as business services and are often exposed as web services.

The picture shows the difference between SOA and web services at runtime (i.e., implementation level) and at design time. Specifically the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and its attributes such as port types and operations. The attribute that makes it a web service is the use of WSDL or equivalent.

In design, we identify and specify a service that provides the design, or we identify and specify interfaces that include method specifications. The combination of the definition of the method and the interface at design time is what we refer to as a service from an SOA perspective. Use cases can be used to capture the functional requirements for a service.

Both SOA services and web services are part of the DNA of SOA.

In an SOA, business processes, activities, and workflow are broken down into constituent functional elements called services. They can be accessed and used directly by applications, or they can be mixed and matched with other services to create new business capabilities.

Business services or SOA services are reusable business.
Examples in banking include open account or change address. For transportation, it might be get reservation or hold reservation, and with loan processing, get loan, apply for loan, and update address are examples of business services. Business processes are also key constructs of SOA, part of its DNA.